Pondering for Saturday, March 19, 2022

Daily Office Readings for Saturday of the 2nd Week in Lent: Year 2

Morning, Psalm 75 and 76; Evening, Psalm 23 and 27;

Genesis 43:16 to 34; 1st Corinthians 7:10 to 24; Mark 5:1 to 20:

“Though an army should encamp against me, yet my heart shall not be afraid.” (Psalm 27:3)

It is amazing that this Psalm is given to us at this time. It depicts the situation in Ukraine today.  But I am pleased to hear of two internationally known celebrities of the world who are speaking out against Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Olga Smirnova, an international Russian ballet star has publicly denounced the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And, she has left Russia and joined the Dutch national ballet in Amsterdam.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Mr. Universe, Movie Star and former Governor of California, and admired by the Russian people including their soldiers, has made an anti-war video wherein he speaks of his admiration of a Russian weight lifter who was at one time the strongest man in the world and how much this man inspired him.  It is hoped that this video makes it to both the Russian people and their soldiers. He addresses them in the video as well as President Putin appealing for an end to the hostilities.

These good people are just two examples of prayers being answered. Unfortunately the Russian people are fed false reports about what is going on. The Psalmist prays, “Deliver me not into the hand of my adversaries, for false witnesses have risen up against me, and also those who speak malice,” (Psalm 27:16); but you and I must continue to pray for the well-being of the Ukrainian people. Olga and Arnold are God’s ways of getting the truth out to the Russian people and the Russian troops. And, I pray, also to President Putin himself.   

Again from Psalm 27, “Though an army should encamp against me, yet my heart shall not be afraid.”

As we listen to what the Spirit is saying to us, let us live to love, to serve, and to teach, while pondering anew what the Almighty can do. John

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