Pondering for Friday, March 4, 2022

Daily Office Readings for Friday after Ash Wednesday: Year 2

Morning, Psalms 95 and 31; Evening,  Psalm 35;
Ezekiel 18:1 to 4 and 25 to 32Philippians 4:1 to 9John 17:9 to 19:

“Fight those who fight me, O Lord; attack those who are attacking me.” (Psalm 35:1)

This is so out of character for me. I normally shun what I consider the hostile Psalms. But with the horror going on in Ukraine I can’t help but want God to intervene.  So, this Psalm fits with the way I am feeling.

 “Let those who seek after my life be shamed and humbled; let those who plot my ruin fall back and be dismayed,” (Psalm 35:4). Again, I am aware of the many Russian people who are opposed to what their government is doing. Many such Russians must remain quiet for fear of persecution themselves.  So, the words, “Let those who seek after my life be shamed and humbled” does not apply to all Russian people, but rather to those responsible for the violence taking place in Ukraine. 

There are many countries who are helping and praying for Ukraine. This Psalm speaks to them also. “Let those who favor my cause sing out with joy and be glad; let them say always, “Great is the Lord, who desires the prosperity of his servant.”” (Psalm 35:27)

I am convinced that God created good. And sin or evil can only happen if there is first good. If evil has nothing to tarnish, it can’t exist. God created us and the universe and made us good, but then, gave us the ability to choose between good and evil. I don’t know why some people have to molest others only because they can. It is so sad. Perhaps we should ponder about this during our approaching  Sabbath time. How is your Lenten time going?

“Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all their multitude. And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done” (Genesis 2:1 and 2). So, for this evening and tomorrow day my friends, Shabbat Shalom. 

What is Shabbat? Intro to the Jewish Sabbath – YouTube

As we listen to what the Spirit is saying to us, let us live to love, to serve, and to teach, while pondering anew what the Almighty can do. John

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