Pondering for Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Daily Office Readings for Wednesday of the 5th Week of Easter: Year 1

Morning, Psalm 72; Evening, Psalm 119:73 to 96;
Wisdom 13:1 to 9Romans13:1 to14Luke 8:16 to 25:

“For from the greatness and beauty of created things comes a corresponding perception of their Creator.” (Wisdom of Solomon 13:5)

The writer of Wisdom speaks about the people who look at created things, the sun, the moon, the stars, various living creatures and suppose them to be gods.  But the Wisdom writer informs us that created things and beings are “a corresponding perception of their Creator.”  They are not to be worshiped but to be appreciated and reminders to us that there is a Creator of all things and beings.

Several years ago our parish put on a play as a fund raiser in honor of our fiftieth anniversary.  Our now Senior Warden directed the play. She was not in the play, but everything we, the actors, did was in accordance with her instruction.  Our work on the stage was the evidence, a corresponding perception, of her leadership. Yet, no one saw her, she stayed out of sight, in the back of the room.

Everything we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and smell with our nose is evidence that God exist. That all things are still held together is further evidence that God is still holding all creation together.

Our earth is so beautiful. The earth is full of color, with more varieties of life than anyone can imagine. Yet, God knows the whales and the mosquitoes by their names. I must admit that I don’t appreciate all creatures the same (mosquitoes in particular).  But God has seen to it that this earth has both beauty and balance. This earth functions as a life support system for all its inhabitants.

We are neither accident nor a random occurrence in space. We were created on purpose over time and in accordance with God’s plan in which we evolved. I have met people who show particular interest in one part of creation or another. Some people favor marine life, whales and such.  Some people favor spiders and tarantulas. Personally, I like to study the great apes, Gorillas, Gibbons, Orangutans, and Chimpanzees. Other people favor various kinds of plants or trees. I think it is good to enjoy and appreciate created things and beings. But let us not forget the Creator, who is not seen but rather, standing out of sight, in the back of the room.  It’s probably not a bad idea to regularly give thanks to the Creator for all creation.  This is the One in whom we all still live and move and have our being.

Let us live to love, more than just love to live, listening to what the Spirit is saying to, and through, the saints of God, while pondering anew what the Almighty can do. John

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