Pondering for Saturday: August 10, 2019

Daily Office Readings forSaturday of Proper 13 Year 1

AM Psalm 87, 90; PM Psalm 136  2 Samuel 12:15-31; Acts 20:1-16; Mark 9:30-41

2 Samuel

“But when David saw that his servants were whispering together, he perceived that the child was dead; and David said to his servants, ‘Is the child dead?’ They said, ‘He is dead.’  Then David rose from the ground, washed, anointed himself, and changed his clothes. He went into the house of the Lord, and worshipped; he then went to his own house; and when he asked, they set food before him and he ate.”  (2 Samuel 12: 19-20)

David provides a good example of never giving up.  People often tell me that someone whom I am praying for is at peace and ready to go home.  And, they well may be.  But I hold them in prayer until the minute I hear the diagnosis of death. 

We never know what God might do. We must keep a space open in our hearts for miracles.  God still surprises us and fools doctors.  I have prayed for a young man who was run over by a bus and he lived and is strong to this day.  Many might have thought he might not make it.  But his mother and I and one of the doctors prayed together and God gave him back to us. Thank You Jesus.

I have also prayed for those who God brought home. My mentor priest told me long ago that death was final healing.  The point is that we pray and pray until they begin to get better or they pass on.  If they die, we pick ourselves up, wash our face, freshen up and move on as David did.  Remember, we pray “God’s will be done on earth as in heaven.”  I have a ball cap that reads “PUSH.”  Pray Until Something Happens. David did that.  He prayed to God until God brought his child home. But something did indeed happen.

We don’t have the luxury of having it our way.  We must learn to love it God’s Way. Remember in an earlier post I said, “not my way but Yahweh.” God is communal.  I believe God creates gifts for our communities and wraps these gifts up in a new born human being and causes that human to be born a communal gift.  The rest of us should tirelessly seek to see the gift in the other.  God’s gift can be wrapped in any of assorted skin tones.  The hair bow atop the head can be any texture.  After the gift is born it is enveloped in a human society or environment.  Neither the wrappings nor the environment change or in any way alter the divine gift God placed in the person from the beginning.  So it is always very sad when someone dies but especially so when they never got a chance to use, or express the gifts they brought to us.

Maybe God chose not to let David’s deceit be victorious through a child ill gotten. Instead the divine gift would be expressed in the next child, Solomon.  Every person, infant or elderly, contains a gift from God for the betterment of the community in which they live, or will live and move and have their being. However, when God calls them home we must move on.

Let us then ponder anew what the Almighty is doing. John+

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