Faith, Fitness and Music Pondering for Tuesday, June 4, 2019

My Faith Pondering

Daily Office Readings for Tuesday of Week 7 of Easter – Year 1

AM Psalm 97, 99, [100]; PM Psalm 94, [95] Ezek. 7:10-15,23b-27; Heb. 6:13-20; Luke 10:1-17

“Even the dust of your town that clings to our feet, we wipe off in protest against you. Yet know this: the kingdom of God has come near.” (Luke 10: 11)

In this passage from the Gospel of Luke we have Jesus sending out the seventy.  Again, they go without provisions. He wants then to depend on those to whom they take the healing and the message. What I find worthy to note here is that even if the seventy are not welcomed, or the people to whom they are sent are not willing to be healed, these unwelcoming people are still told that “the kingdom of God has come near.”

This is a message we still need to hear today.  The kingdom of God has come near, and it is still coming to us every day, overlapping us.  It is not going anywhere.  We can oppose it, or ignore it but God is not hindered. God, and the realm of our Creator, is what it is, whether or not we believe it.  We are the ones who should care about believing it.  God’s kingdom is coming into our world more and more every day, week, month and year.  God wins in our evolution.  We too can be unwelcoming, or we can be co-creators with the solution. It is an individual choice. Receive, be healed and believe. Thanks be to God.

My Fitness Pondering

I remember a news report once a long time ago when then President Reagan was undergoing a rehabilitation program and it was reported that he was gaining strength. In fact, at his older age, he was building new muscle.  “Reagan installed a gym in the White House and began regularly exercising there, gaining so much muscle that he had to buy new suits.” (From Wikipedia) While some may not consider Wikipedia a reliable source, I personally remember this report being said in a news report before Wikipedia was around.  So I’m thinking it’s never too late to build strength or to add muscle. I think we just get tired and begin to ask ourselves if it’s worth it.  And to that, I say yes, it is.

My Music Pondering

Playing is relaxing.  Sometimes I just let go and create melodies that I have never heard before. I think I am using music to further define who I am.  These random melodies that I play, are they sad or happy?  Are they rock or blues, jazz or church? They are all of the above.  Who does that make me?  I don’t know yet, I’m still letting the “music move me around.” (Billy Preston: Will it Go Around in Circles)   And the music is moving me around. I am enjoying the ride but I don’t think it’s moving in circles however, more like a spiral.  That is, as my music goes around it’s slightly higher and higher in clarity of who I am becoming. I, like everybody else, have to keep on keeping on. Unlike a merry-go-round, I  will not get off the ride at the point I got on.  I will be in a new place.  Thank You Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Faith, Fitness and Music Pondering for Tuesday, June 4, 2019

  1. Life is a carousel. Music soothes our soul. Movement encourages growth. Thank you for your inspiration.


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