Faith, Fitness and Music Pondering for Sunday, June 2, 2019

My Faith Pondering

Eucharistic Readings for the Seventh Sunday after Easter- Year C

Acts 16:16-34Psalm 97Revelation 22:12-14,16-17,20-21John 17:20-26

“At that hour of the night the jailer took them and washed their wounds; then immediately he and all his household were baptized” (Acts 16:33)

There is so much in this Acts passage.  It is a narrative that shows change and salvation. The unnamed jailer is so thankful that Paul and the other prisoners are still there that he wants to show compassion for them.  He cleans them of their wounds and they, through baptism, cleanse him and his household of their sins. I wonder/ponder if it was the same water?  How symbolic if it was. They were truly an example of Henri Nouwen’s “Wounded Healers.” 

We got to this place because of the retaliation of slave holders. The divine gifts of their slave girl were taken away because of Paul’s request to Jesus.  They had no problem using her gifts for their own wealth and did not complain about Paul when it worked in their favor.  But when their slave girl’s powers were taken away they immediately played the ethnic, religious card; they said, “These men are disturbing our city; they are Jews and are advocating customs that are not lawful for us as Romans to adopt or observe.” (Acts 16:20-21)  If what Paul was doing early on was not lawful, then it also was not lawful when it was used for their benefit. We should not look for the evil of something only when it does not serve our purposes. 

But perhaps God makes some good of this sad situation.  The jailer has turned to Christianity because of the human caring of Christianity regardless of ethnicity or religious preference. We who decide to be Christian should be Christian because of its inherent care and compassion of others, all others.

My Fitness Pondering

I stopped at an “all you could eat” restaurant to get something for dinner.  I was getting the to-go order, not the stay and eat-till-you drop situation.  As I waited for my order to be filled I noticed people going to and fro through the buffet lines.  There is something about the “getting one’s money’s worth” mentality.  This idea about money’s worth seems to be more important than what is a healthy amount of food.  And this does not even bring into question the particular food choices.  I am overweight.  I am aware of it.  However I observed many who were overweight going back to the food troughs getting their “money’s worth” and thus ensuring that they will one day be a patient in our local hospital.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again, discipline is key.

My Music Pondering

I am finding that I like playing music at the end of the day.  It is a soothing way to relax and reward myself.  I also like the way the “brains of my fingers” are acting independently in remembering how to play the music. I am reminded that blind people play the piano and guitar and often play on par or better than sighted people (like me). I need to let go and let my fingers do their work.

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