Ponderings for Monday 20 May 2019: Week 5 of Easter

My Faith Pondering

Daily Office Readings for 20 May 2019 Year 1

AM Psalm 56, 57, [58]; PM Psalm 64, 65Wisdom 9:1, 7-18; Col. (3:18-4:1)2-18; Luke 7:36-50

“And he said to the woman, ‘Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”  (Luke 7:50)

Jesus often does a miracle of healing wherein he says that the sick or troubled person’s faith made them well.  I find this very interesting.  The faith that is already in us is used by Jesus to heal us.  Specifically faith is the belief in Jesus and the healing power of Jesus.  We see this in Luke’s Gospel at chapter 7: 9 the faith of the Centurion for his servant; in chapter 8:48 the faith healing of the 12 year bleeding woman who reached out in faith to touch Jesus’ garment; in chapter 18;42 where sight was given to a blind man. And, this one for today, Luke 7:50, the restoration from sin for a woman based on her faith.

This faith has been placed in us and can be used by God in Christ Jesus to cure us and save us.  Unfortunately, we are not able to manipulate it for a cure ourselves.  We need Jesus to make use of our faith to fix us.  And it seems from some of the examples above that Jesus doesn’t have to put hands on the person to do the job. Jesus’ presence or awareness is all that is necessary.  Good and healing just flows from him.

My Fitness Pondering

Blood circulation is very important in the human body (and all animals).  This is particularly true for our extremities like the hands, feet and head.  As we walk erect, our feet are a long way from the heart and our hands stretch out pretty far as well.  And the head is so important because that’s where our brain is and our head is located at the highest point of our upright norm.  I believe water and food that is easily digestible helps keep the blood moving throughout the extremities.  Also important is exercising the extremities.  The regular wiggling of the toes and fingers draws blood to the muscles of the extremities.  Perhaps some neck exercises would be good for just getting the blood moving in the direction of the head.  Our bodies are life-support systems for our minds.  Our minds contain “who” we are.  Therefore, exercise helps us to maintain who we are.   

My Music Pondering  

 I am fortunate to work at a church where there is a piano.  I stop and play just a little bit on it every time I pass it. Truth be known, I often go out of my way to pass by it. I am reminded of what one of our pianists told me some time ago.  She said I must practice every day.  How much time at one setting, she said, had less impact than with the frequency of times. Even as little as fifteen minutes makes a difference.  The repeated touching of the instrument improves my skill. Thank You Jesus speaking through our pianist.

Let us hear what the Spirit is saying through (and to) the people of the Creating Word, and then let us “Ponder anew what the Almighty can do.”  John Thomas Frazier Sr.

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