Ponderings for Sunday 12 May 2019: Week 4 of Easter

My Faith Pondering

Eucharistic Readings for Sunday Week 4 of Easter

Acts 9:36-43 Psalm 23 Revelation 7:9-17 John 10:22-30

“I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand..”  (John 10:27)

Jesus promises us eternal life because he knows us and we follow his voice.  This is fascinating! But this is what our Christian faith is all about, the passport to eternal life through Jesus Christ.  At more funerals than I can count I hear the words “he or she is in a better place now.”  We all at one point or another ponder the here-after.  I have seen movies where the next life was still one of seeing and breathing and enjoying foods but seem to be in another dimension or at least another planet very similar to our earth. I ponder the resurrection and what eternal life will be like.

In military basic training we had a very small person who served as the platoon office clerk.  This person was not physically intimidating and a very slow runner.  But this little duty clerk was the holder of the keys to our barracks.  So even though we finished our morning run early, we could not get into the barracks for showers and rest until the clerk finally got back with us.  Jesus did not appear in a way that was thought proper to the chief priest and the elders.  But what they did not believe is that he has the keys to eternal life. Do you believe he does?

My Fitness Pondering

Yesterday was a huge success.  I was able to do push up, bend and squats, pull-ups, sit-ups, dips, leg lifts, and some yoga.  I loved it but I am tired now.  I had a long day with a social function.  I guess to have a challenging day at the same time I start a new, extended work-out program really tests the metal of what I’m trying to do.

My Music Pondering

Singing often makes me want to learn to play the music of a song or hymn.  Interestingly, learning to play a piece of music also helps me sing it properly.  I found this to be very true singing “Lead Me, Guide Me,”  It has a high note that, if not careful, can be overlooked. I am a musical work in progress. But I really enjoy it.

Let us hear what the Spirit is saying through and to the people of the Creating Word and then let us “Ponder anew what the Almighty can do.”  John Thomas Frazier Sr.

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