Readings and Reflections for Saturday 5 January 2019: Day 12 of Christmas

On this 12th Day of Christmas our Scripture brought to us the gift of love born in human form.

AM Psalm 2, 110:1-5(6-7)Joshua 1:1-9Heb. 11:32-12:2John 15:1-16

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” (John 15:12) 0 \lsdu

I personally prefer John’s Commandment to love over the Synoptic version of “love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  There is an assumption in Matthew , Mark and Luke that one loves one’s self.  Not everybody does, they should, but not everybody does. Self loathing can then be justification for other-loathing.  But Jesus’ command in John’s Gospel makes us realize that we are to love others not as we love ourselves, but as Jesus loves us. And that includes self.

Jesus went to the cross for us, every one of us, whether we believe in him or not.  He died for the whole world, to redeem the whole world.  He did this for the world then, the world now, and the world to come – for our children’s children yet unborn. So let’s review:

Day 12;Thank you God for Your Love, born of a human mother, for the salvation of the world.

Day 11; Thank You God for Your living Word born to us

Day 10; Thank you God for the birth of the Gate

Day 9; Merry Christmas in our Church Traditions

Day 8; Merry Christmas in thanksgiving for Your Holy Name

Day 7; Merry Christmas for the Gift of Reconciliation

Day 6; Merry Christmas for adoption into the Divine Family

Day 5; Merry Christmas in Patience for the Holy Spirit

Day 4; Merry Christmas for Holy Innocents

Day 3; Merry Christmas and thanksgiving for the gift of believing

Day 2; Merry Christmas and thanksgiving for the gift of Your Church

Christmas Day we give thanks for the Birth of our Savior and for our Families                    

Merry Christmas

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